Red Card

by Carrie Aarons


Leah Watson has life panned out, the perfect high school sporting sweetheart, ready to hit the big time and bring all their plans to fruition, that is until he moved his particular goalposts and left her behind.

So at this point I was hoping that she would prove her metal and refuse to let this beat her and I was pleased when the author made sure that Leah’s determination took over, she hitched up her heartache and set off on a path that was going to be all her own making,

Taking the opportunity to join one of the best PA companies in the business as an intern, she knew that she could find her own path and I admired her determination.

What she hadn’t bargained on was what would happen when she comes face to face with notorious football bad boy Killian Ramsey.

The kick between the two of them was absolutely electric, but having been hurt by a sports star in the past, Leah was absolutely determined that she was not going down that path again, she would never be the afterthought to any man, she meant more to herself than playing second fiddle to any man’s sporting career.

But Killian is relentless, from the get-go he knew that he would not settle until he had her and he was willing to stoop to whatever level he had to make that happen. Now this I sort of got but he was a far from straight forward character because just when things seem to be heading the way you would have thought he wanted, he started to doubt not only what was happening but also himself.

Killian’s story when it divulged will break your heart, I totally got where he was coming from and the pain that he was in.

This was a super read, it covered so many bases that getting right into the nitty gritty would destroy the story for you, this is one that you really should read for yourself, it isn’t your average jock story, there is more clarity and more substance to this, these guys have issues, they each have a past that they need to work through and obstacles that they have to overcome but the heat between the two of them…ouch, prepare to get your finger burnt!


Topic: Red Card by Carrie Aarons

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