by J. Kenner

I adore J Kenner, so I had high hopes when I opened this to the first chapter of exactly what I would find and for the most part the story lived up to my expectations. So, if you are after an easy, quick and delightfully sexy read then you really need look no further because I can tell you that with this that is exactly what you have found.

Noah and Kiki had a past and it was one that ended when he walked away…why well that my friend you will need to read for yourself but suffice to say that a decade on and the events of the past still linger but now that Noah is back he is determined to show her that this time he is here for good…but will she give him the second chance that he is not only looking for but that they deserve?

I had to wonder???

I like the pace of the book, the timbre of the conversation and the connection between the two of them, they had it all going on and they weren’t afraid to show it. Noah totally won me over, he was a bit of Jekyll and Hyde character, a really good guy that hid really well, just how intense he could be well, I think there was a sneaky little bit of alpha male screaming to be let loose, woohoo!

Highly recommended.

Topic: WICKED TORTURE by J. Kenner

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