by L Grubb


Jemma has had her fill of being on the wrong side of folk who seem to think that she will just accept whatever they want to dish out, resolved to be here own woman from now on she has finally found her inner strength and I loved watching that side of her grow and change as the book progressed.

But what would Damon make of this feisty woman?

Damon’s everything a book boyfriend should be, sexy as sin, intimidatingly broody with the might of his mafioso family behind him but that isn’t all that defines this beautifully arrogant man, nope he has a soft centre that remains totally hidden for most but with Jemma he can’t help but let her see the real man that lurks inside.
Watching the ensuing romance was fabulous, as their histories and lives started to entwine, the result was a connection that went from strength to strength at every opportunity.

A wonderfully well written story with great character development and attention to detail, this was a great read , full to the brim with superb characters that I just cant wait to hear more from.


Topic: Tigeress by L Grubb

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