Dark Surrender

by Rachel Van Dyken

This isn’t an emotional button that this book isn’t going to push.

I’m not normally a fan of anything that has that paranormal edge but when it comes to Rachel van Dyken, I am more than ready to throw my apprehension aside and trust that she’s got me…and I am glad I did because not only did she have me but she delivered me a reality check, because this was superb.

The book was full to the brim, with everything that I would expect from an novel by this author, it too loyalty to the max and made sure that every ounce of friendship and family was wrung from each and every character. With her usual wit and charm, the characters each left their mark.

Alex has and is living his life as the last siren to its fullest and while he does he revels in the fact that he is unique, he makes good use of his abilities and while sex may be a necessary but pleasurable requirement for him, one that he takes full advantage of, it isn’t until the frivolity of the casual manner he has enjoyed the physicality of his life it put into perspective that the path his future is about to take suddenly changes direction because now he has to find himself a partner, a woman that he can have a relationship…a mate and a human one at that, this was not going to be easy or so he thought.

Alex, knew there was something different about Hope but he had no idea what. He could feel that she was the one for him but could he be more than a physical partner for her, could he give her the emotional connection that she needed. Could he get his head around the fact that this woman was not only his future but also the future of the sirens?

Can Hope show him that this is a leap of faith that he needs to take, not because he has to be because he wants too??

Topic: Dark Surrender by Rachel Van Dyken

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