Finding Eli & Unraveling Eli

by Jake Irons

Finding Eli

A heads-up people, this may not be a very long read but dang it leaves an impression!

This is the first I have ever read from this author and I was delighted that I had book two already on my kindle to read once I finish because if I had to wait I think I may have been tearing my hair out.

The story is about Eli and Tara, he is happy in the ether, out of reach and the public eye but little does he know that keen eyed reporter Tara has set her mind on the fact that he is the star of her next piece.

I wasn’t sure about Tara, but I thought about all the times that I have read about reporters overstepping the mark and whether I agreed or not the author was absolutely true to life.

So, Tara tracked him down hoping to get an exclusive, an amazing story but little did she know that she might get the man himself!

I loved Eli, yes, he was a little aloof and in some respects more than a little vulnerable but he took pity on Tara when he thought she was a lost hiker during a storm and that had him high on my “good guy” barometer.

I didn’t expect the twist at the end, but I suppose that is the reasoning behind writing a cliff hanger and this author wrote an absolute doozy!!!



Unraveling Eli

I loved book one and couldn’t wait to get stuck into this one and when I eventually got the cover open I was in seventh heaven, I loved this.

After the end of the first book, I had so many questions whirring around in my head that if I had been able to read this I think I may have exploded but I shouldn’t have worried because this gave me all the answers that I needed.

AS with the first book there is more to the story than just the connection between Tara and Eli, there was angst and attitude at every opportunity and once the author laid bare the real Eli, I was even more enamoured by him than I thought possible.

I loved his personality, his humour spoke to me and I just wanted to sit and listen to him for a while, the issues that he was facing with Tara galvanised what they shared and that made them sing!

This was a story that I think I would have loved in one story, a standalone novel that gave me time to get to grips with all the details that the author packed into each and every page.

So much more than romance, this was writing of the very highest order