Dark Room by Heidi McLaughlin and LP Dover

You don’t need to be reading review on this, not really what you need to be doing is reading the book!!!

Heidi McLaughlin and LP Dover, add those names to the cover of a novel and you are in very safe hands. You can rest assured that the next few hours while you devour every word are going to be something special, and you would be completely right, quality and class oozed from every page and I was enthralled.

I won’t do spoilers, you need to read this book – I think I may have mentioned that earlier but the story centres on Mia and Parker and everything that they discover not only about each other but also about themselves after becoming embroiled in the secrecy that is demanded by Society X.

I loved the little nuggets that popped into the story and stopped me in my tracks, the history and connections that they shared and the deviations that the authors were able to put on a story that was always destined to dance to its very own beat.

The pace and clarity was so engaging, I thought I knew where it was going but was thwarted in my tracks and my mind corralled back onto the path that the authors had set before me, I didn’t need my vivid imagination, because this story was put before me in glorious technicolour and I was left basking!

You will love Parker and Mia, and as much as they got to live out their fantasies, this was a romance in my eyes, it was fate bringing together those that needed each other in the only way possible.

This had everything I could have possibly wanted and more and I was sorry to flip over the last page.

This is a must read on any day of the week, one not to be missed.

Topic: Dark Room by Heidi McLaughlin and LP Dover

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