The Cowboy Meets His Match

by Sarah Mayberry

A great read that was every bit a fast paced as I had hoped it would be.
I liked that the female lead was a trailblazer, the first woman to make it into the pro circuit for saddle bronc competitions. Being a woman in a sport that is saturated with men is far from easy but then again, she was well aware of that fact but had set her stall out and was determined that nothing was going to stand in her way. I loved CJ’s determination and fortitude, he had to deal with so much from the guys that she rode against every day, the harmless banter was at times a little near the knuckle and on more than one occasion the boundary between banter and harassment was clearly breached but she held firm and shrugged it off, well in public anyway but all that changed when she faced Jesse because there was just something about him that pushed every emotion she had to the max.
Jesse was a great character, a successful bronc rider he didn’t venture to his hometown very often, there wasn’t much there for him following the death of his old folks and the disintegration of his relationship with his brother but with the rodeo in town he knew that expectations would be that he stayed with family whilst he was there, no matter how tough that was going to be.
His misery at the situation was only improved when his own ray of sunshine appeared in the form of fellow competitor CJ because two perfect strangers were instantly besotted.
What they had at first was pure lust but the author allowed their “more” to develop realistically and eventually they and we got the something more than we had all been hoping for.
Well written with some beautiful descriptions, this was more than just a steamy tale, nope this had emotion by the bucket load.

Topic: The Cowboy Meets His Match by Sarah Mayberry

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