Lyn's Song

by Tobi Doyle


I took a fair bit from this, even thought it was a short read.
And while it may appear I am being critical, please…don’t hate me because honestly I’m not, the author has a lot to be proud of but I just felt that given the opportunity the book and the characters could have been more.
My main gripe is the fact that the book is too short. Now I am all for a short story when the time in right but in my opinion I think the author tie the ends off too quickly, it was as if she was shoe-horning the characters into a story that she had predetermined rather than letting them loose to say what they needed too.
I think had the author given them some more room to breathe so to speak, she could have had a smashing story on her hands, as it was, while we as the reader are given a decent insight into Jason and Lyn as individual characters, I could have done with a bit more substance to the story itself. Again and I am sorry to harp back to this but I ultimately put that down to the fact that the story is too short.
I liked the scenario that the author set, the fact that this was a friendship that had formed in younger years only to be torn apart under the most tragic of circumstances. I also accepted the fact that following the death of her brother, Jason ran both emotionally and physically. He blamed himself and expected everyone else too, especially Lyn.
Lyn, cared for Jason, she always had. Her brother’s best friend, her first crush, the man that broke her heart and left her bereft when he shunned the friendship they had and eventually took off, leaving her without not only her brother but him, after all she had thought that he was her friend too!
But life didn’t stand still for Jason his passion, his music career exploded and he hit the big time but all the while he was withering away inside. He may have been a rock god but he was emotionally at rock bottom. So taking a positive step he heads home in the hope that he can find peace. Good first step but is he going to find what he is looking for or has he burnt that bridge a long time ago?
Lyn and the relationship that they not only had but have now mean more to Jason that he has ever had before but is it enough for either of them? I hoped so.
I think the story was a snapshot about absolution, about forgiving yourself and not allowing tragedy to define you. Lyn had that and with her help, Jason might manage to realise that he could have it too.
What I got I enjoyed, the book was a fairly light read and could have shouldered a bit more angst and attitude but the characters were good.

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