Sticky Notes by Drea St.James

Debut Novel… well you could have fooled me, this was fabulous.

I had me sniggering for much of the time, snorting out loud at others but absolutely helpless for all of it, I just loved it.

Liv Lester is the woman I want to spend the weekend with, the woman that is as silly as a box of frogs, she always seems to be on the back foot but it just doesn’t stop her, she is living life to the full no matter what it throws at her along the way.

The whole situation with the lawsuit, the pretend boyfriend, I could be here for hours just trying to make sense of it all and you would still be none the wiser, you need to read it and let Liv show you not only the error of her ways but the spring in her step.

Liv is the bolt from the blue that Dax never knew he needed, she bowled her way into his life and it was never going to be the same again, she may have thought the arrangement they had was completely for show, but the more he gets to know her the more he doesn’t want to let her go, Dax is playing for keeps, he just has to try and convince Liv that what they have can go the distance.

This was one huge tick list for me, it was filled to bursting with fabulous characters, it had so much going on that it was impossible not to get drawn into each and every scenario, it had a cookie outlook and it was that quirkiness that won me over, this was more than I expected, more than I probably deserved from a debut author but I am absolutely thrilled because if this is the first shot at putting a work of for the world, I cannot wait to see what this author has up her very talented sleeves next!

Topic: Sticky Notes by Drea St.James

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