27 Lies by MJ Fields

Painfully exquisite!

This was a masterclass in soul searching, in learning to look at the world through the wider lens and to accept that there are some battles that you just have no chance of winning.

Luke Lane knew just that, his life was a battle, in every sense of the word. His heart is just about coping with the death of the woman he adored but when his career was almost the death of him, he was left with little to fight for or so it seemed.

But finding out if he was indeed a father wasn’t going to be an easy task because all he had was rumour to go on and Ava was in absolutely no mood to give any quarter to him or his feelings, she had her own problems to deal with and Luke, and his inquisition was one she was not willing to add to the mix.

Losing Thomas was the last kick for Ava, her heart was shattering but she had her kids to care for so she was left with little opportunity to really mourn the man that had given her a happiness she had never thought possible.

But while she hides away from the world dealing internally with her new reality, she is also faced with the fact that Luke, her son Chance’s father is back on the scene and has his own pain to deal with, she has to keep him at arm’s length for the time being, because losing Chance is not an option!

But Luke has found his reason to fight, his reason to put his feet on the floor each morning and he is not going to go away anytime soon, he will be in his son’s life no matter what.

Someone was going to get hurt in all of this, I was so sure, but I wanted them to find a way to help each other, I couldn’t help but think that this painful situation when it came to its conclusion would end up with someone getting decimated in the process.

I had my fingers crossed that I would be wrong but was I?

I think this is simply put one of the most amazing books I have read this year, the author drew every emotion to the surface with pinpoint precision and left me aghast at the beauty with which she was so astutely able to care my heart open. I felt bruised, emotionally battered but refreshed and invigorated, this was unique and for that I will be eternally grateful….

Topic: 27 Lies by MJ Fields

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