The Sapphire Legend, Part I by E.L. Tenenbaum

This is so far outside my norm that when I saw the blurb I really didn’t even know if I wanted to start the book and sat on it for a few days. But sometimes you have to step outside the box and in this case I am glad that I did because I have to say that I really enjoyed it.

The book held nothing back, the story took shape almost immediately and was full on.

Sapere’s tribe are gathered to celebrate her wedding day but things are about to veer off plan when the tribe are attacked.

Now Sapere is not your average female in the tribe she has somehow managed to inherit the powers or gifts that her father possessed, something that in history has always been passed from father to son.

So not only is the attack a surprise to her people, so is the fact that it is Sapere that is doing everything she can to save them. But can she keep the powers she has secret for much longer and what will the rest of the tribe do when they discover exactly what she is capable of?

When her group join forces with others that they encounter in the attempt to escape, it is the beginning of a new order so to speak but where exactly she can fit into that is not entirely clear.

She has no distinguishable place so to speak but she also has a right to at the centre of the council as the only remaining member of her family. But if they discover her secret she may find that she is completely ostracised

The whole story forced me to engage the full force of my imagination, it encouraged my own creativity as I drew pictures in my mind using the beautiful descriptions that the author brought to the page.

The story was full of action and adventure but also gave me a characters to love, to empathise with and to hold out hope for.

There were questions that were left unanswered, ones that I thought would be disclosed but now that I have read part one I can’t wait to see where the story goes next.

Topic: The Sapphire Legend, Part I by E.L. Tenenbaum

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