Raine by JC Valentine


The book was one that took me a while to get accustomed too if that makes any sense.

The blurb had me hooked and I was anticipating a no holds barred, angst ridden tale but that is not what I got, well not straight away. The book wasn’t prepared to give it all up as quickly as I had expected and to be honest as quickly as I had hoped. It took its time and I sort of felt like it was holding my heart hostage.

Raine, was likeable enough, the shy loner who had been raised to believe in herself and her possibilities – nothing was out of her reach if she wanted it. With suitable control she heads off to college and right into the path of the Cameron Moss and that is the one place that she really didn’t need to be.

Cameron is just what you would expect in many ways, the football hero who always gets his own way and always gets the girl.

But can this girl survive the onslaught of the formidable Cameron, the man that not only believes his own hype but is determined to live it.

Raine is engulfed by his inner circle of so called friends but she knows that their attitude towards her is one of derision and distain.

Then in what can only be described as the worst possible betrayal, Raine’s world is shattered beyond all recognition and Cameron cruelty knows no limit.

Broken and alone, she faces a future that she had never anticipated but the question is would she face it alone?

 “Something Raine had learned in her short nineteen years of life on earth was that nothing was permanent.”

Every girl longs for a knight in shining armour and while this may have not been what she had expected, Raine finds her knight in the most unexpected of places and together they will make your heart soar.

A remarkable story that could so easily have fallen by the wayside but which handled itself well and produced a tale worthy of its four stars.