Peace by Piece by S J McGran

This is the ultimate Love At First Sight read.

When Genevieve Weston gets the news that no one ever wants to hear, she decides to pack up and leave her life behind and go to her Aunt and Uncles ranch to spend what little time she has left, working on her list.....

What she didn't expect was to finally find the love of her life when it is all too late.

Levi Tillman works at the Weston Ranch. He is young, carefree and enjoying life, until a beautiful woman came along and showed him he really didn't know what living meant.

Although she tries to keep her secret from her family and Levi, eventually she has to let someone in when she realises she really does have something to fight for, Levi!!!!

After months of trying to keep him at arms length so he can avoid the heartache of having to let her go, Genevieve starts the treatment that will hopefully give them their Happy Ever After.

Only time will tell if it works......

This book contains a difficult subject for some to deal with, especially those that have encountered what it's like to see your loved ones suffer.

When the author had one of my favourite country songs play on the radio in Levi's truck, it had me in tears.

This is a beautiful story of love, trust and finding your forever.

I give this book 4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by Sue