by Ker Dukey


This is a short addition to the Empathy series, and it is just as f**ked up as the previous books.

I thought I have read almost all the crazy that one author could possibly include in a story but I underestimated Ker Dukey because this takes completely crazy to a whole new level!

Ryan is still on the run and Cereus is still with him, and as much as the two of them are doing all they can to survive, Ryan also is desperately trying to help Cereus to stay centred and focussed on the here and now.

Cereus is a complicated read. She struggled to remain lucid much of the time and her black out episodes are a cause for concern when it comes to Ryan trying to keep the two of them out of the reach of the authorities. But she knows in her addled brain that she loves Ryan, but her paranoia means that she is sure that he doesn’t feel the same way.

As much as Ryan is the “saner” of the two of them, I have to say that the way he plays with Cereus’s feelings really is a measure of the man, he is completely twisted.

I really felt for Blake in all of this, he is desperate to help his daughter but by helping the two of them evade the authorities he is contributing to the body count, which shows no sign of letting up.

How much longer can he live with the situation?

And has his attempts to keep her safe, left it too late to save her?