True North

by Nicole French

I can say nothing other than this was SUPERB!
This is part of a series and I would encourage you to have read the previous books, the author doesn’t skimp on detail and there are details that are imparted into the story in the previous books that I believe you need to know in order to get the most out of this book.
I have to say that it is the attention to detail that I found the most compelling element of the book, there are so many details that I felt transported, I could have been a fly on the wall seeing and hearing the story unfold first hand, the detail was that dynamic.
Layla is a product of the life she has lived, a survivor of the events that she has not just faced but overcome, this is a survivor and I felt stronger just reading about her, well other than when I was a sobbing mess that is, but you don’t need me to highlight that for you because there isn’t a hope in h**l that you won’t sob too when you get there!
And as for Nico well I had my doubts at first whether they would actually get their act together, but I should have had faith because the author certainly didn’t let me don’t on that front either…he was just what I wanted him to be.
The story of two imperfect souls that was pieced together perfectly and delivered with absolute aplomb!

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