by Lindsay Marie Miller

This is an author that is new to me but knowing that she has other works out there has had me reaching for the one-click because when I finished this story I just had to see what else she had to offer.

This had just the right mix of angst and mystery, with enough stream to have me flush on more than one occasion.

The story revolves around Anna James, daughter of the former President and Julian, the mysterious man that she has no idea has been sent to kill her.

Anna knows that her father’s position continues to level unprecedented pressures on her life but she has no idea just how precarious her situation truly is and given the fact that she is a determined soul and likes to try and live her life in as normal a way as possible, it was only a matter of time before the tenuous thread or normalcy snapped.

There is absolutely nothing run of the mill about her life when on a night out with friends she is abducted from a nightclub, the price on her head is suddenly all the more apparent and being kidnapped, is a sobering thought for this 19-year-old.

As you can probably imagine, the immediate peril she is in is terrifying but when a guy that she had a brief dance with at the club steps in to save her, the danger hasn’t dissipated in the slightest, it’s just changed shape and she is left facing all sorts of madness.

Because little does she know that truth behind Julian and his connection with her situation.

Now I was a little ambivalent towards Julien, I couldn’t make up my mind whether I liked him or not and to be quite honest I didn’t know whether I was that fussed either way because the thing that really caught my attention was the dynamic between the two of them rather than them, themselves.

The story was really pointed on the fact that Julian has made a choice and that his choice has consequences for not just her but him too because whilst he may not have been willing and able to put paid to Anna, there were others out there that are more than willing to finish the job…so keeping them both safe was his number one priority.

As you can imagine the story twisted and turned toward the inevitable, not that I minded. The author laid out a complicated plot concerning Anna and her family, especially her father and told quite a pointed tale that had me searching for more in both of them. I wanted to take more from Julian and in many way’s, I did but I was constantly looking for the other shoe to drop, the author seemed determined to almost pour him, heart and soul (no matter how blackened at times) across the page.

I accepted that the feelings they both had were understandable, I just wasn’t sure that it was enough to survive!

But was it???