HIS Everything

By Frankie Love

Looking for a fantastic, short sharp sexy read, then look no further because Frankie Love dishes up a fabulous treat in this her latest book HIS Everything.

I love the fact that this book did stand on ceremony, it got stuck in straight off the bat and once it was up and running, I was a willing passenger.

The story centred around two strangers and one magically illicit night together. A chance meeting at the end of a demanding working week, leads to a night neither of them had anticipated.

I loved the fact that once this pair of strangers clicked there was only one place that they were headed and that was straight to the bedroom, when they opened up and gave voice to their fantasies, I could envisage nothing but how they were going to bring their fantasies to life.

This was a story that drew me in, I couldn’t help but want more than just one night for them but it wasn’t what I wanted that mattered it was what they were going to want to do with the connection they had made and whether one night was going to be all they got???

This sat comfortably into my lunchbreaks and I have already recommended it to a few of the girls in the office, this is a flirty little number that you will not want to miss.

Topic: HIS Everything By Frankie Love

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