Text 2 Lovers

by K Webster and J.D. Hollyfield

A light hearted romantic comedy that was more than able to life the spirits.

I loved the simplicity behind the synopsis of this book, a loveable almost covert relationship that hide allowed the participants to remain hidden behind the screen of their phones.

Dani and Ram were comfortable in the elusive ether so to speak, getting to know each other with the veil of technological anonymity still intact, but for how long?

Everything kicked off when Dani, in a moment clouded by rage, decided to send her ex a message telling him exactly what she thought of him, at least that was the plan! Because a little bit of a digit dilemma means that he actually got the wrong number and the guy!

Anyway they begin conversing via text and eventually strike up a really great friendship but could they make it something more?

Well for Dani it was already far more than she had, had previously but she liked the fact that she was protected or her heart was protected by the fact that they hadn’t met, but how much longer could they keep that up, surely their textual relationship had a shelf life, was she ready for that leap into the unknown?

I liked Ram he had a casual air about him, a gentle humour, everything about him just felt right for me. He was in her life for a reason but was smart enough to know that he had to take his time to eventually win her over. He stuck with the texting and as much as he was helping Dani move on from her ex, she was helping him too. They had a connection that just seemed to have found its own unique way of reaching out for each other.

So, as you would imagine they can’t text forever they have to meet at some point, so what happens when they do? Really! Like I ‘m going to tell you that… you need to read the book but let me just say that you will not be disappointed.

I completed the story with a smile on my face and an ache in my side from the contact giggling, this couple hit the nail on the head for me, I loved the feel of the book, the wit and humour that the author put into the story and the fact that despite the injection of modern technology this was a good old fashioned romance at its heart, they courted each other, yes it might have been unconventional but it worked.

Topic: Text 2 Lovers by K Webster and J.D. Hollyfield

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