Two Hearts

by Melody Grace

If you are looking for heartwarming romance, then this is probably the book for you and as much as I wanted to fall totally in love with everything about it, unfortunately I can’t say that I did. Don’t get me wrong, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the book, I was just looking for a bit more oomph!

There was very little angst to get my teeth into and for much of the story I was missing the passion that I wanted from this pair, I was looking all out scorch and that isn’t what I got, I got all out romance and I thought they had the wherewithal to be more!

Jackson and Alice are on the surface are the total opposite of each other. Jackson is a go getter, a photographer who travels the world in search of that one shot, that one moment that matters. Alice on the other hand is more stayed, more settled, the type of woman that thinks things through and the type of woman that Jackson wouldn’t have normally given a second look but when he helped her out on their first meeting there was just something about each other that lit a flame that for the most part took on a life of its own. But was it going to be enough?

Jackson is in town visiting his Grandfather, after an overseas job didn’t conclude the way he had hoped it would. Alice isn’t just visiting nope, her life has taken a complete turn from where she thought she would be and following her mother’s cancer diagnosis, she is now back in town and trying to settle back into small town routine.

They were at different places in their lives and I could help but think that they had a mountain to climb to make what they could potentially have work. But the author worked hard to give them what they deserved, and I certainly can’t criticize her for that because what she did deliver was in essence a well written, beautifully presented slow burning romance and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!


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