Shame on Me by Tara Sivec


Shame on Me by Tara Sivec

Book Two in the Fool Me Once Series

I can’t help but smile just sitting her thinking back on this novel – Shame on Me is a classic romantic romp with two of the most delightful characters I have read in a long time- the pair of them are just so sweet.

Paige McCarty is the famous model and best friend of Kennedy and Lorelei her partners in their investigation agency.

Fed up with being the “airhead” she is sick of being seen as nothing more than a pretty face – the bait to trap cheating husbands and the ammunition that suspicious wives need to dump their deceptive other halves.

Screwed over by her worthless ex- Andy she has been through the minefield that is marriage and is determined that she can help others in order that they don’t have to suffer and on this occasion the agency has taken a case from Melanie Russo – she has indicated that she believes that her husband Matt is cheating on her – so the all Paige has to do cosy on up to Matt, let him make a move – a kiss, get a discrete photo as evidence and voila! Job done – or so you would think – but Matt is not what Melanie has made him out to be and Paige not only has a conflict of interest on her hands but a conflict of her heart.

Melanie is not as innocent as she has implied – in fact she is up to her eyes in an affair with the local mobster and is only looking to swindle Matt and his family out of part of their company in the impending divorce.

Realising what Melanie is up to Paige sets out on her solo missing to right the wrong and prove that Mrs Russo is up to no good.

Not knowing what Paige is up to, Matt is drawn to her as much as she is to him and along the way the start of a beautiful relationship begins to blossom – but will it survive its unorthodox conception?

Matt is such a gent – but the intensity between them is smoking hot!! Their kisses must be to die for.

The pair of them are brilliant together and along with Paige’s mum and her cronies – the book had me laughing out loud most of the time.

The story resolves itself in the most fitting of manners and not only does Melanie but also Paige’s ex Andy get what they deserve but we get a little more of Lorelei and Kennedy.

This is a great series of short sharp reads that are just enough to lift your mood and brighten you spirits in our cynical world.