by Penelope Ward

I think the author managed to keep what was an expected friends to lover’s romance on the right side of being interesting and I have to say that, that is far from easy with the amount of new works that have come to the market.

Ms Ward seems to always be able to pitch the characterisation at the right level and to give the main characters just the right amount angst and attitude.

I liked Landon and Rana and when their relationship came to an end I was sure that there was more left in the tank so it didn’t surprise me that they had the opportunity to pick back up where they left off, it just surprised me that they had to wait 13 years for the opportunity!

But good things come to those who wait and this was just the case for this pair, so bear with them because if you do, your wait will also be worthwhile.

I liked the way that the author gave Rana the opportunity to finally vent her frustration and the drunk dial rant made me smile. But despite the fact that she was ready to read him the riot act and unleash all her pent-up frustration, that initial contact set the past to smoulder and gave the pair of them the chance to revisit past mistakes and I have to say that they both had plenty of them and a bucket load of regret too.

But will wiping the slate clean be enough to give them the fighting chance at the future they thought they had lost or will it all prove too much once all their secrets are revealed…some things just can’t be overcome?

As the time to meet again drew close I thought the authors writing came into its own, she built the anticipation beautifully, holding them apart just long enough…. I was ready to pop with excitement for the two of them, they had so much going for them but if I didn’t know whether they would be able to keep it all together once they were face to face.

A super, well written romance that was easily read in one sitting

Topic: DRUNK DIAL by Penelope Ward

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