No Falling Allowed by Melissa West

Determined to stand on her own two feet, Grace Soaring is fighting more than just the fact that she’s been made redundant from a job she really loved, she is facing up to the fact that because she refuses to fall in line with her billionaire father’s plans for her, he has cut her off! Now that is tough love but will it force her hand or will it make her even more determined to prove that she is her own woman.

The perfect one-night stand, wound up being the worst morning after when Grace met a guy in a local sports bar. Helping out his cousin Noah Hunter is only in the city for a day or two so what’s the problem with a little fun with a beautiful woman, not a darn thing! But when a frantic phone call wakes him the following morning and he takes off without leaving a note, Grace is feeling none to forgiving about waking up alone.

Noah has responsibilities, he is sole guardian for his kid brother Jonah and nothing comes before him, so returning to Cricket Creek to deal with a medical emergency was instinctive, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t regret leaving without having a chance to say goodbye but it is what it is and ever the pragmatist Noah just gets on with life.

Grace was ticking along nicely in New York but when her job hits the skids, she is left with only a business card for a potential new career to fall back on because her folks are hitting back and life as she knows it is going to change, so plucking up the courage to dial the wedding planner that her old boss gave her the details of, she is soon swept down south to help co-ordinate the wedding of a beautiful southern belle.

But when the town of Cricket Creek is suddenly on the cards, it is only a matter of time before the two of them are going to bump into each other, after all the town ain’t that big!

Noah was a great guy, he worked hard had a group of really great guys around him but his life was almost on hold while he looked dafter Jonah, but will Grace change that?

They pussy footed around each other initially but neither of them have ever really gotten over their one night, she it was never a question of if but when they realised they were fighting a losing battle, they were never going to be “just” friends.

Could they find their happy ever after…well with the whole town sticking their oar in they really didn’t have much of a choice. I loved Noah’s mates, I adored the fact that everyone around them was making sure that the two of them were moving in the right direction. There is one character that I could have easily give a swift slap but I will leave it up to you to find out who that is…honestly I don’t need to give you name, you’ll know her when you read the book!

A heart-warming read about two characters finding their way to a future that they so richly deserve but it isn’t all plain sailing so be prepared for a little angst and upheaval along the way.

Topic: No Falling Allowed by Melissa West

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