Sexy Motherpucker

 by Lili Valente

Life dealt Brendan Daniels a particularly harsh blow when it took his wife from him far too early, leaving a broken man in its wake.  With a young daughter to care for and a career to salvage he is a man going through the motions of living, nothing more. He wakes up each morning determined to be the best father he can for his little girl and the best captain he can be for his team but that doesn’t leave a lot of time of energy for being the best man he needs to be for himself.

So, when he gets the chance to cut loose and feel a little like the old Brendan again he jumps at it and it may just prove to be the best decision he has ever made.

Because it is on that little trip that he meets the delightful Lara.

Now Lara is much like Brendan is some ways, life has been giving her a bit of a pasting lately and topping it all off was the unfortunate incident with her now ex-boyfriend and some of her lingerie, well enough said about that perhaps.

Sick to the eye teeth of the male of the species, she resolves to give them a wide berth for the time being at least but what she didn’t expect was to meet and get sucked in to the life of one moody, yet definitely sexy hockey player…this had bad idea plastered all over it or at least that seems to have been the initial opinion but once they set the wheels turning on what was to be a scorching fling they both knew that there was no going back.

They had decisions to make and neither of them were in a position to see the wood for the trees. Was it all too much for Brendan to take after what he had been through? And was Lara in any position to lay her heart on the line again?

Only time would tell and that is what this author dished up, a story that gave them tome to work out not only how the felt but also what to do with those feelings.