Gaining Gibbs

by S M Donaldson


This was a belter – a new author to me and I am hooked. Gaining Gibbs will have you reaching for the tissues because their story was simply beautiful.

This was and is a love story of the very highest order with characters that simply deserve the very best that life can possibly offer.

Jade was a super character, she knew her own mind but needed to pay more attention to what her heart was telling her. She is relentless when she sets her mind to something but for a smart woman, she didn’t always see what was staring her in the face.

Clay has a past that was enough to have broken a lesser being, he survived the death of his parents, a brutal act that was meant to have claimed his life too but the universe had bigger things in mind for the formidable Mr Gibbs and death was not on the cards for him that day. But pain has taken root and with no blood to call his own he has forged a new family at the gym, with the fellow fighters.

Clay and Jade have history, he stepped aside in order to not be the reason that she stayed behind and gave up on her dreams, while I think she secretly hoped that he may have stepped up to the plate and put up more of an objection but what they have now is the fact that they are both front and centre in each other’s lives again and neither of them is willing to back down again – this is a love thing whether they are willing to admit it at first or not!

Jade has wanted Clay from almost the day she set eyes on him and for him, well…she is it but can this feisty redhead and this bad ass fighter find their common ground? Can they see that they were always destined to be so much more than just friends?

This was a charmingly romantic read. It dished up characters that were impossible not to love and gave them style and pizzazz that made them just jump from the page.

The secondary characters brought their A game and made me smile to my very core.

A book not to be missed.

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