Yesterday's Tomorrows by ME Montgomery

Of the books I read last week there is one and one alone that has plagued my thoughts more than I would have ever thought.
I know they say rate the book out of 5… well, I can’t do that…it would be an insult this is worth more stars than I could possibly attribute.
Emotionally this is a book that I don’t think you will ever forget. As it pours its heart and soul through your fingertips, you will be ill equipped to cope with the ache that seeps into your soul.
I felt bruised, emotionally inadequate and totally exposed.
The story touches on all manner of emotions, it not only embraces loss, pain and suffering but shows hope, love and romance. It will leave you completely breathless not only at the relationship that builds between Maddy and Holt but also with the twists and turns, ups and downs that hit you throughout the book.
Maddy has served her time, time she didn’t deserve but as much as life is a b**ch and completely unfair, she is adamant that she will live life her own way. So undaunted she hauls herself up and determines that she will not be beaten, she will stand tall and no matter who or what stands in her way, she will find a way to do her own thing.
Holt is Maddy’s escort home. He has faced all manner of hardship during his time in the marines, and has battled hardened criminals now that he is a practicing lawyer but he was ill prepared for the situation that unfolded almost from the moment he meets Maddy at the prison gates. But a relationship is not on the cards, professionally they have nothing that could be remotely construed as being compatible but you try telling their hearts that because from the get-go their hearts are singing from the same page…the rest of them just have to get with the program.
But will they have time, will the world conspire to keep them apart? Holt takes matters into his own hands when it becomes obvious that her life is in danger but moving her into his home? What was he thinking?
They will test boundaries, push themselves and each other to their limits but will they make it and what will it take out of them in order to get there?
I finished the book with a bundle of tissues by my side but a smile on my face. I enjoyed the journey that they took me on but it wasn’t always a comfortable ride. The book hits hard, it grabs you by the scruff of the neck and insists that you pay attention, so please do it the justice it deserves and give it time to show you what it has, to show you everything ...warts and all and to help you make sense of it's madness.
I love the complexity of the story, the depth of the writing and the talent of the author, I was left aghast at the feelings that the story drew from me and I am sure that when it comes to reads for 2016, I have just finish one that will end the year firmly situated in my top ten.

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