Give Me Your Answer True by Suanne Laqueur



I finished this book about 4 days ago, I gave myself a quiet day to indulge in what I knew was going to be a book that would hit me hard, I loved the first book The Man I Love but I have to say that in this the second book – the author has managed a very rare feet – a book that is every bit if not slightly better than the first.

This book was downright awesome and I am shaking my head as I write that because one of my favourite characters has just popped into my head, making me smile.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this sequel it isn’t, it doesn’t follow on – no, I would say it adds to the first book, it compliments and completes the story and it is simply glorious.

This is Daisy’s story told from her point of view and it is as beautiful as it is powerful.

Daisy has been through much more than any person really should have to endure buts she has survived and earned her future but it was one she had to both work and suffer hard for.

Susan holds your hand as she lets you take your place at Daisy’s side, as she lays her journey out for the world to see.

I adored the way the author gave Daisy her voice and forced me as a reader to truly put myself in her shoes, I couldn’t avoid it – I was inside her head and it was a traumatic place to be much of the time.

The episodes from her therapy were hard for me, they touched a nerve that was painful to process but they were vital in getting to really know Daisy, to understanding exactly what she had been through and how painful and tough her recovery was.

Her story was so complex but it was real, it was honest and harsh but it needed to be, in order that Daisy could complete her journey.

I found that there were a plethora of questions and queries that surfaced in my head as I was reading the book, all the little oddities that hung around from the first book, ones that popped back into my head and started playing over and over.

But I have to say that just as a questions entered my head, a What? Or  a Why? The answer to my enquiry was before me, it was as if the author was inside my head pre-empting how Daisy’s story would make me feel and what questions I would ask- Ms Laqueur you are a wizard with words!!

I cannot and I really mean that, I cannot find the words to compliment this book enough, it is written with such attention to detail and such deference that it was almost ethereal.

I sobbed for not only what Daisy had been through and also Erik, his path hadn’t exactly been lined with rose petals. His heartbreak was almost too much for me to bear, I felt as if I was being handed  so much suffering that I wasn’t sure that I could take anymore.

But I was absorbed, engulfed and devoured by what I can only say was a story that will long remain resident in my heart.

I know that may sound ridiculous, I know how the book ended, I had already had that outcome in the first book but this was a different trip to the same summit and it was just as enthralling.

People and events look different when viewed through the eyes of everyone involved and when tales are written like this they create a world in which you cannot help but feel emotionally engaged.

This was a beautifully intelligent, perfectly pitched modern romance that encompassed and overcame everything that the world could throw at it. It was intense and dramatic, it was graphic but sensitive, it was painful but soothing and above all else it was complete.

It gave me characters I cared about and scenario’s that I hope I never find myself in but it gave it all to me honestly.

This is a story that you need to read, you deserve to read and in which you will not only find the most amazing characters but an author you should put firmly on your absolute must read list.