Dares, Lies & Geminis

by Kat Alexander

I took a quick glance at the blurb for this book and knew straight away that this was one that I wasn’t going to be able to let out of my sight and I was correct, although the blurb didn’t even come close to doing the story justice, because as the storyline evolved I was slack-jawed at times by the surprises that the author cleverly dropped in.
There were sections of the story that reduced me to tears, where I found the details verged on being distressing, the details of what they had been through was gut-wrenching and at times it left me with a feeling of helplessness that was almost palpable. The authors writing style totally drew me into the events and it was because of that emotional connection that I couldn’t hold myself in check.
With regards to the characters themselves, I have to say that I totally got, Peter, he was a solid guy, one that loved his woman and that was prepared to do whatever it took to not only convince her of that love, he held my heart in his hands for huge parts of this story as he and they evolved. Tristana…well lets just say she is going to keep you on your toes, so pay attention or you’ll spend more time that you want to flipping back through the story to see what you missed.
I thought the way the story of Peter and Tristana wove cleverly with that of Nathan and Seraphina really brought the links that ted them together to the fore and allowed me the opportunity to see what they had each been through. As a reader, I found that attention to details exactly what I needed, without it I am sure I would have missed some of the minute details that were crucial to not only their path but also the meeting point that brought both their journeys together.
I thought the majority of the book was beautifully unique, which meant that the story was wonderfully refreshing.
I was captivated for the majority of the story, but that isn’t to say that it was an unchallenging ride. The author made sure that I travelled every bump of the road with them and some of the twists and turns were far from smooth, I was taken aback on more than one occasion and some of the twists left me not only aghast but almost shocked senseless on occasion.
I applaud the author for the subject matter that she tackled, it wasn’t what other may have been prepared to take on, but she handled it with an effective sensitivity. Full to the brim with not only action but also suspense, this doesn’t just rely on the romantic connection these couples have, it and they are so much more.
Highly recommended


Topic: Dares, Lies & Geminis by Katharine Alexander

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