Beguiling by Alex Lucian

I read book one in this series, so picking up book two was never going to be a hardship, what I hadn’t expected was for it to leave me completely dumbfounded.

This was a super read, completely Beguiled!

The story covered all bases from seriously sweet to smoulderingly sexy.

Leo lives up to the reputation that he has acquired as the quarterback that is more than happy playing the field both on and off the pitch.

Reputation is everything but when his feelings for the one girl he thought had left him firmly in the past, resurface will his reputation cost him his shot?

Scarlet and Leo had a past but it was a childhood friendship that petered out and was eventually left behind them when they took different paths in high school, studious Scarlet got stuck into academia while Leo, well let’s just say that he took a completely different path, but he seemed to excel in the social aspects for school.

I wanted them to find their way back to each other but how, I wasn’t sure as they really were at polar opposites of the high school hierarchy.

But it is surprising what can happen when situations are foisted upon you…and for Scarlet ferrying Leo to and from football practise at the behest of her parents was a fate she really dint see as being anything other than torturous.

She did everything she could to keep the journey pleasant but they were far from communicative, after all this was an agreement set up by her parents, she was a far from willing participant. But just how long could she ignore the fact that the boy beside her every day meant more than she was willing to admit?

Each day her icy attitude begun to melt and the friendship that they once shared begun to force its way back though.

When Leo invited her out for a drink, I was surprised that’s he not only said yes but that she ended up drunk and asking him in at the end of the night.

That decision changed the dynamic of their relationship for ever and while it may have appeared unexpected I think it had always been heading that direction, they just didn’t know it.

They balanced each other out and when tragedy hits, we discover the true man that lurks under that cocky exterior as Leo is faced with stepping up to me the man that Scarlet needs.

I finished the book with a lightness of heart knowing that I had read a genuinely romantic story, it had everything needed to bring a smile to my face, it had angst (couldn’t not really) humour ( enough to extort a chuckle or two on more than one occasion) and romance…well that it had in bucket loads.

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