by MJ Fields

There is so much that you are going to love about this story but the one that tops it all is Gage!

He completely stole the show for me, and it wasn’t just because he has a filthy mouth and seems to be trying to almost redefine what it is to be an alpha male…nope this is a guy that not only loves and takes care of his mom but is working his a**s off and all while raising his little boy! The love that man had for his son took my breath away, Oh my good god!!

I loved the fact that he was a man of action, the type of guy that is willing to do what it takes to get what he wants so when he set his sights set on bartender and absolute firecracker Phoenix, I had no doubt that it was on! But she wasn’t’ going to make it easy on him that’s for sure.

Phoenix was superb, completely loveable but no walk over, she didn’t suffer fools and put everything she had into making sure that those around her were her priority but what was it about this sexy SOB that had her all a quiver? After all the last thing she needs is a guy complicating her life, she is working her butt off to pay her way through school and having been hurt once before, she is in no rush to tread the very same path again and at first appearances she thinks Gage is only looking for something casual, little did she know!

As you can imagine it isn’t all smooth sailing, there is just enough angst to keep the story on track, especially the fact that there is a humdinger of a secret that Gage is keeping from her (and others) and when that secret comes to the fore it has the potential to a lot more than just damaging what they have, it has the power to be catastrophic…can they survive?

Fabulous characters, beautifully written this was always going to be a winner but what stole the show for me was the emotion that the author was able to exude throughout the characters, for me one of the best books I have read by this author to date, I loved it!

Topic: Hammered by MJ Fields

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