Shattered by You by Nashoda Rose

I found the Tear Asunder series by sheer fluke but my lord it has been an absolute stonker!

And this Shattered by You is a stunning addition to the stable.

Shattered by You is Crisis’s story – if you have read the others then you will know that he is a class one whore, completely shameless!

But trust him to go and fall for the one girl that is socially and emotionally broken. Haven has him completely entranced, she has lived through more than most but is doing her best to cut loose and live a life that she can finally call her own.

She is tentative about how to get her back onto the road to being normal, but when Crisis steps up and gives her his support and friendship, she isn’t exactly sure what the hell he is playing at but she accepts his offer and the two of them embark on a journey that turns out to be one of personal discover for them both.

This was a sensitive and emotional read, more than I got from the previous books and I think I understand why, Haven had baggage that needed to be handled with deference and needed time for cultivation and exploration. Crisis needed to learn and understand how to be her friend or more accurately to be the friend she needed him to be. None of that comes immediately and all of it is emotional so I think Nashoda pitched this book with complete acceptance of what was best for her characters.

There is enough going on in this book that you will find it difficult to put down, there is all manner of mystery and suspense and of course the relationship between Crisis and Haven will have you totally besotted.

This series continues to surprise and it gets better with each book, the prospect of Kite’s story being next is a mouth-watering prospect!