The Boyfriend Experience

by JA Huss


A lighter, funny read than I anticipated but that didn’t mean that it didn’t have everything that I have come to love and expect from a story from J A Huss. Yes, I laughed my a** off but darn it I would lay money on the fact that you will too.
As I expected the story had every explosive element that I know Ms Huss has locked away in that formidable arsenal of hers and whilst there were more twists and turns than I could keep up with without the risk of whiplash, the story certainly didn’t lack emotion either, and they left me totally wrung out.
The character pool was sensational, of course, Jordan had a hand in setting things up and it didn’t take long before Lawton was regretting giving in to Jordan’s request because being the guy to provide the firecracker that was Oaklee Ryan with the requested “Boyfriend Experience” might just test him to his limit…because it doesn’t take him long to discover that she’s a handful!
Mistakes and misunderstanding, demands and disagreements, love, lust, pain and passion this had it all and it made sure that it didn’t give any indication of just where it was heading until you were ready to bang your head off the nearest wall or hurl your book/kindle whatever, straight across the room.
There may have been times when I was frustrated with myself for being impatient with the characters but that is my shortcoming and not the story but believe me, you will need to exercise restraint because this had more drama in it than I could have ever imagined.
Sensational writing brought to life the most fantastic story and left me happy in the knowledge that this is one of my favourite reads of the year so far.
Please do yourself a favour and pick this one up ASAP!

Topic: The Boyfriend Experience by JA Huss

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