Tormented by Jani Kay



Harrison has a death wish, the darkness that dwells within his soul requires the danger that he lives his life by day to day in order to pacify the hurt that he cultivates in his soul.

Tormented is the perfect title for this story because this is the state of flux which has held hostage the heart of Harrison since the fateful day his girlfriend and unborn child were killed in the crossfire of a biker gang dispute.

Broken by the events of that day, Harrison has found his way to cope, he refuses to care, he is at odds with his family and struggles to accept the fact that his sister Jade has found a love that eludes him with Ryder, a biker that he can barely tolerate.

But because of the relationship between Jade and Ryder, Harrison is introduced to Eva, and Ryder’s half-sister may have only just come into his life but it is Harrison’s life where she is destined to make the biggest impact.

Initially their connection is nothing more than a physical release, Harrison is not known for his ability to commit but Eva on the other hand is just out of a relationship, one that ended unpleasantly. Monogamy was obviously a step too far for her ex-fiancé and their relationship never made it down the aisle.

But is he really out of her life for good? Only time will tell.

No matter the connection between Eva and Harrison and no matter the boundaries that are in place, Eva can’t help but feel that the times she spend with Harrison is morphing into so much more than she had initially anticipated, as much as she is completely aware of the fact that she is falling for him but she also knows that he may never be able to return her feelings.

She knows his history and for the time being she is willing to accept that what they have may just be all that he is able to give her.

I loved Eva, she held nothing back, she lived life to the full and at her own pace, well until Harrison gets his hands on her and then all bets are off!!

I was delighted that Ryder and Jade featured a fair bit in the book and I liked the fact that Harrison was man enough to face up to the guilt he was carrying inside– whether it was warranted or not and apologise to Jade for his part in the tragic accident that had such devastating consequences for both her and Ryder.

He knows that moving forward he has to face Ryder and that in order to be a part of his sister’s life and to have a relationship with her twins once they arrive, he has to make amends. But is dating Ryder’s sister really the way to get on the man’s good side, especially since Ryder knows that Harrison has no plans on anything lasting forever?

Ryder puts up with Harrison and that is only because like we all know, he worships the ground that Jade walks on and if his woman needs him to play nice with her mean and moody brother, then he is more than happy to curb his rage, well most of the time anyway and as for his sister, she is a big girl and he keeps his feelings on the down-low as this whole sibling relationship stuff is brand new to him, but what will this alpha big bro do when things end up on the very wrong side of dangerous?

But anyway enough about my favourite topic, Ryder and back to the magnificent Harrison.

I say magnificent and I mean it, he is a mean SOB but he has a heart that is desperate to heal and his band aid has arrived in the shape of the beautiful Eva.

The introspective contemplation that he has to undergo is no small feat, he has so many demons inside that he is only ever calm when he is with Eva, she sooths his soul and gives him a glimpse of what a normal life could be for him, if he would only cut himself some slack.

Can he change?

Who knows?

It’s all well and good knowing what you have to do but doing it is a tough call. He has to shape up or ship out, and since giving her up is not an option … this mighty man is has reached his crossroads.

But what happens when Eva’s past comes back into play?

What is a girl to do when the one man you wish you could get to leave you alone, just won’t let you move on and moreover what the heck is the man that loves her going to do when the thought of losing her becomes all too real?

When the pieces all fall into place and the danger become all too prevalent, can they all pull together to resolve a situation that places more than one life in danger?

Can Harrison see Ryder and the MC for who they really are and finally accept that he might just have judged a book by its cover when he tarred all the guys with his brush of hate!

I could rabbit on and on forever about not only this book but these characters and the series as a whole but you don’t need to hear or read me wax lyrical about a book that I absolutely loved, from a series that I adore…YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK ( and the series) !!!!!!


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