Beautifully Masked by A.M. Guilliams

This is a story that shows just how much influence in your life the things you don’t say can hold.

Love hides nothing, it lays you bare to those that own your heart but it is human nature to squirrel away parts of ourselves from others and to hold our insecurities and indiscretions close to our chests. Fear of rejection or judgement can be a tough motivator, whether it is rational or not.

This is not the first book in this series but that is not to its detriment – the book stands tall all on its own.

The story – well what can I tell you without giving the game away – I would love to say lots but where would be the fun it that , this is a book that you will gather so much pleasure from that it would be inconsiderate of me to spoil your fun.

What I will say is that the book is fabulously written, characters are beautifully rounded, not flawless but certainly realistic and oh, yeh the author didn’t skimp on the smoulder factor, this pair sizzle.

Jeremiah is such a great guy, write a list of perfect partner traits and he will have you ticking every one off by the end of the day – he was super. But a girlfriend, heck a relationship of any form isn’t exactly high on his agenda. And as much as his friendship with Sophia means to him, he is loathed to make any changes … until ??? – No, I’m not telling you!

But Sophia had a past that has her emotionally defensive. Her life was far from easy but her insistence to face it alone is all too common and if I am being truthful, a little misguided.

Can they both lighten up a give themselves a shot at happiness or will the details of their past haunt them into submission and condemn them to the friend zone!

Topic: Beautifully Masked by A.M. Guilliams

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