Let Me by Cecy Robson

Get the tissues ready, you are going to need them but it won’t just be to wipe away sad tears, because there are elements of this book that will have the biggest smile plastered all over your face, the banter between the characters is just superb. The book is fabulous.

Finn has anger issues, no that isn’t necessarily a bad thing when you earn your living as a MMA fighter but when you use that anger as a way of covering up pain, there is only so long that you can keep a lid on things.

So while he is following court orders and undergoing mandatory psychiatrist sessions, he meets Sol who is working at the office.

Sol and Finn have known each other since they were little kids, but in all honesty they don’t exactly know each other at all, in fact I couldn’t help but feel that nobody really knew either of them

Sol’s life is emotionally tough, she is struggling to cope with her mother’s mental illness and seems to be almost struggling to allow others the opportunity to help. I got the fact that she wanted to be the one that could help her mum but I was peeved that she was shouldering the responsibility herself.

The connection between the two of them is one that I like to read, it evolved. They bonded and it was that, that gave me hope that they had what it would take to make it, but heck they didn’t make it easy on themselves.

When they each fall of their own proverbial wagons, I was sure that they were going to implode and I have my fingers crossed that they would actually see the damage they were doing before they got past the point of being able to save what they had.

I liked the fact that the author loaded the book with standout characters she made sure that there was never a dull moment.

This was much more than the average MMA story, it had a storyline that was a breath of fresh air within the genre and I was pleased as punch when I finished it knowing that there is more to come.

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