by Bella Jewel

This is something about this series that speaks to me and I when it comes to Jack, I think I’ve my favourite guy.

Baylee was a solid heroine, most of the time or should I say that she was always a solid heroine but her strength mustered as her secrets were revealed and once you get to know what she hiding you will know why she ended up more confident than I ever thought possible. She was almost a hostage to her past. The author kept much of her history under wraps, slowly and patiently dropping her guard a little bit at a time and boy, what a past it was!

Baylee seemed be in a rut, she worked and went home, very little else but there was more to this woman that she was allowing herself to be and when she saw Jack on what I have to say was a very rare venture out of the house, she knew she liked what she saw but was reluctant to do anything about it…I was howling at my kindle at this point ….come on woman grab the bull by the horns and go get yourself some!!!!

Jack isn’t exactly a shrinking violet, so when he saw Baylee he had no issue sidling his way over and turning on the charm and despite the fact that she was less than welcoming, her reticence does nothing other than change her from a prospect to a challenge and he is definitely up for the opportunity.

There wasn’t a hope in h*ll that he was going to let the rejection deter him, in fact it spurred him on but why had she turn him down in the first place?  He was all set to change her mind and to show her that everything that she shied away from could be overcome and he was the guy to help her, after all they couldn’t deny the chemistry between them, although Baylee gave that a darn good go.

But there was only so much resilience she could muster, they guy was drop dead gorgeous and had a heart the size of Texas and every ounce of his intensity was focused on Baylee…it was a fight she was never going to win and I was whooping with delight at the mere thought of them together.

This was an emotional read, it brought a lot to the page and delivered a story that was seriously engaging. Jack and Baylee’s story was absorbing, it was a telling tale of finding your forever through hard work and by discovering who you are along the way.

Topic: Valiant by Bella Jewel

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