Rebel Saint

by Adriane Leigh

Excuse me just one second whilst I pick my jaw back up off the floor! I know that the blurb didn’t hide the fact that this was a taboo romance but it certainly didn’t give any indication as to the fact that I was going to be totally dumbfounded by it!
The situation with Tressa and Bastian had me desperate, I was feverishly turning pages, desperate to find out just how it was all going to play out.
Tressa and Bastian were great characters, both completely different in so many ways but that was what made them so complimentary, Tressa’s life had been far from easy but that didn’t make her a bad person, her heart was certainly in the right place and that spoke to me, she was one of the unfortunate ones…a good person caught in a bad situation. Bastian was such a forceful man, so determined and forthright he knew his own mind and he went for what he wanted…but, of course, there are consequences to that, one that both he and Tressa had to learn to live with.
Theirs was a tale of two souls that knew they had met their match even before the rest of the body had caught up, neither of them particularly understood why they felt the way they did, they just knew that how they felt about each other was way more than they had ever experienced before and that had to count for something.
I loved the peek that the author gave us into the dynamics of not just their relationship with each other but they personal relationship with themselves, the struggle that the both faced coming to terms with how the felt and what that meant for them. Of course, nothing is ever straight forward, life was more than willing to make them jump through all manner of hoops in order to be together but when they are tested, their “faith” in each other is only strengthened.
 A seriously engaging book, that is powerfully thought-provoking. This is a question of faith for modern times, and how that faith can and is tested.
Loved it.

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