Primal Surrender by Lori King

Ok, so I have fallen completely in love with this author and her stories and after ploughing my way through the first two books in this series, I just couldn’t wait to get stuck into this book, it is addictive.

The characters in this book brought the biggest smile to my face, they were superb.

I really liked Claudia, I liked the way she was self-confident and didn’t look or need anyone’s approval for how and what she did with her life.

Mack and Ryker are as close as brothers can possibly be but when we are introduced to them they are internally debating the merits of relationships with multiple partners, they’re old school – one guy, one woman – result!

But situations can change and expectations can evolve and when they meet Claudia they’re facing a serious rethink because neither of them are willing to give her up, they need to find a way to make their little ménage work… can they?

I liked the guys, I liked the way they thought things threw, they understanding and willingness to find a solution, they knew that Claudia was worth them finding their flow and the steps they took towards their first time, the uncertainty, and anxiousness only made me love them even more.

The story oozed charm and sensitivity, it held my attention right up until the very last minute and Oh that ending … to die for!

Topic: Primal Surrender by Lori King

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