Banking Her by Max Monroe

As novella’s go I have to say that Max Monroe has this down to an art form, I love this little morsel of deliciousness.

The link between the past and present in this snappy little read is a cute way to carry the emphasise and energy of the series. In this we get to see a lot more of Cassie and Thatch plus we get a sneak peek at Wes and Winnie, what is there not to love about that scenario.

I adored this book, it had me in fits of giggles and unashamedly so…there isn’t a feel good factor about this book…it’s a feel great factor!

Thatch, oh my simply divine!

Determined to keep Cassie safe even if it is from herself, is doing everything he can to make sure that he is doing his protective detail discretely, she may think she has won the battle concerning her need to continue to work while she is pregnant and I support her one hundred percent as did Thatch but she and his child are too important for him change his ways completely, so the sneaky so and so is playing cute with his methods. Honestly guys you need to read this, he will bring the biggest smile to your face, he has this secret protective malarkey nailed, throw in the fact that he is just so damn sweet and you may just overdose on the man!

There is so much about Thatch and Cassie that I loved it would take me a month of Sundays to put it all down in this review, they were just superb together, I loved her crazy assed pregnant ways, her hormones definitely added to the madness! But the book wasn’t all about them, the others were there too.

Kline and Georgie make their presence felt as do the fabulous Wes and Winnie, this pair had me chuckling so hard, they might be working together but that isn’t exactly working for either for them, they just seem to rub each other the wrong way…or do they? Admitting how they really feel about each other may just be the start of something exceptional.

Another brilliant addition to the series, there are no lulls, no dips, no doubts, this is a crazily great book, just another in what has got to be one of my favourite series of the year so far.


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