All of the Lights by K Ryan

This is a romantic mystery of the highest order.

There is nothing like a good old inter family feud to get the blood cells pumping, but when one component of each side are suddenly closer than is probably advisable, how will life ever be the same again?

Rae was victim to a brutal attack, one that left her traumatised and her attacker in jail…but is everything as it seems or are there darker forces at play here?

Years later Rae has returned home, trying to leave the past where is should be, behind her but it isn’t that easy when the family of the man in jail for your attack are still around and none too pleased to have you back on their patch.

But as much as she has started to carve out a future with her sister and their store, Rae isn’t ready to give up on her past just yet, there is something amiss, something that continues to niggle away at her and that now she is home her desire to finally lay the events to rest is only getting stronger, but is this a fight that she can win? Or is it a can of worms best left alone?

Jack Flynn is forbidden fruit, not that Rae thought that before but after a terse run in between the two of them, it is obvious that there is a fizzle of attraction that might be more trouble than it is worth. Their families are at loggerheads but Jack may just be the man to help her finally work out what happened to her.

Jack really isn’t interested in whatever Rae wants from him, after all she is the reason his family are suffering, but can this scrapper give her the time of day long enough to find out that she might not be the demon he perceives her to be?

Will he help her uncover the truth or will be continue to perpetuate the family grudge?

I loved Rae she was a feisty woman, and not shy of getting stuck in, she didn’t shy away from a fight no matter who she had to square up too, she had her reasons for doing what she was and nothing and no-one was going to get in her way.

Jack might have been an a**e but that didn’t mean that he didn’t want to get to the bottom of it as much as she did, he may have been mean and moody at times but he was with her every step of the way.

This was a super read, full to the brim with mystery and intrigue and characters that were totally engaging. This is a break from the norm and if you are looking for a little something to switch things up a bit…look no further.

Topic: All of the Lights by K Ryan

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