Taming Dex

by Zoey Derrick


We may have left Addison, Talon and Kyle to their own devises (or vices- depending on how you look at it) and if you haven’t read the previous three books in this series then I have to say you buy them now because you are seriously missing out!!

But Ms Derrick isn’t finished with the 69Bottles yet and in this book it is Dex’s turn to get the ubiquitous Ms Derrick treatment – Oh isn’t he a lucky boy!!!

Dex is the drummer and I do like a man that can handle the sticks – he’s got good hands and he puts them to excellent use- on and off the stage.

He isn’t shy about his exploits either but I have to say I loved him!! He was such a strong character and the author gave him to us lock stock and smoking guns, because from the get-go we get to see the man beneath the image, the man that he tries to hide, not only his past but the Dex that really is worth loving, he has such a big heart that I was astonished at the way he felt about the world around him, his place in it.

I think I felt as if he really didn’t get the fact that who he was on the inside was what made him a beautiful person, yes, he may be an ass at times (a lot of the time, I get it)  but he was loveable!

Things get interesting when Raine joins the tour, to work with the band. I have to say that I liked her right off the bat, she was so feisty that she sparkled on the page, she had been through some crap in her time but the knocks that she had taken had made her who she was and she was a no nonsense girl. She might just need that fight to tame the wild man of the band!

The two of them really were quite something to read, they we both a little uncertain when it came to how they could or would go about doing whatever it was they were doing but I have to say, I think I would call it putting the first step on the ladder to a relationship, although even that might be, being generous at times because they certainly didn’t make it easy for themselves.

 The both had their own demons and issues to overcome but they could help each other – they just had to be willing to open the door and take the first step.

Dex was a handful ( boy, was he!) and Raine certainly had bitten off probably more than she realised and to be honest I was sure that she was ready to kick his ass on more than one occasion, I know I would have.

But I have to give the girl credit, she hangs on in there, lucky to see the whole man, not the shadow but the delight, the reality that is the Dex that lurks beneath the surface, the man that she really wants for her own but the one that she will take in whatever package it comes wrapped in, because she knows he is worth not only her effort but his.

Together they have the chance of the real deal, a life full of promise and a love that will be epic, but we don’t get it all in this book, there is another to come later this summer and I am delighted about that because Dex deserves a little more time to shine.