by Avery Flynn

I hope you have a comfy chair because once you start this you are not going to want to stop.

Wedding planner Gina is the woman who ensures that everything about a bride’s big day goes without a hitch and she is darn good at what she does, but when the family of her current bride and groom decide to take over the reins, she can’t help but feel she is losing her grip, especially when she finds herself front and centre of the kisscam operator and lined up next to the sexy as sin guy next to her for a caught-on camera smooch.

Before she has the opportunity to react, or should I say flee, the guy plants one on her and all doubts are momentarily sated because darn it this guy can kiss! Memories of her high school bullies have plagued her and her self-confidence isn’t ready to take another battering, she is certain that her kisscam partner is out of her league…but what is he isn’t?

Ford may be at a friend’s wedding but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is enjoying himself exactly, well up until he locked lips with Gina that is, because he definitely enjoyed that and if the sparks that ran through him were anything to go by, he was ready to have a little more of that little lady any day of the week and every day if he could get away with it. But persuading Gina that, that might be possible is going too far from easy because when it comes to hang ups…she had a trailer full!

I loved Ford, he was a patient, gracious man who knew what he wanted and was willing to do what it took to have it. He had a wall of issues to break through with Gina but he didn’t balk at the thought, nope he knuckled down and went to work proving to her that he was the man she needed and that together they could and would make their relationship work.

Emotionally this was a fabulous read, it brought not only a flush of colour to my cheeks but a tear to my eye. I travelled their journey with them, fully engaged and totally committed to them getting their happy ever after, I dread to think what I would have been like should the author have taken them on a different route…I would have been bereft.

On a side note, I must say that I applaud the author for the tack she took on her subject matter and the fact that she didn’t hid away from dealing with what for some is a sensitive situation…she handled it magnificently and left me with food for thought.


Topic: Butterface by Avery Flynn

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