Trusting You

by Ketley Allison

3.75 Stars
The book hit the ground running and the story tore straight off the page, emotions flying, reasoning being left in in’s wake and I was hooked. And whilst I really liked this part of the book, I can’t say I was overtly keen on Carter, but I was willing to work with her, so I ploughed on, in the hope that what I could feel from the book was going to turn things around for me, especially where Carter was concerned.
But my ambivalence to her only deepened, I didn’t like the way she operated, refusing to let the past go and for the life of me I wanted Locke to just put her in her place, why he let her stay at times was a mystery to me.
As the book mooched its way toward the halfway point, I will admit that I was beginning to wane, Caters negativity was seeping into my bones and I was starting to struggle to even see why they were bothering, if it wasn’t for Lily I didn’t know that they would have made it at all, but it was plain to see that they both cared deeply for her, so at least that was something to build on …wasn’t it?
There was so much angst and attitude that I will admit that despite the odd tear or two I found the story generally difficult to keep interest in. I wanted Locke to be the father that Lily deserved, and I took exception to the fact that Cater was so narky, he wasn’t the guy she thought he was, but it took her a little too long to let go of her past notions.
I thought the book had great promise, but it just petered out from me. A good story but not one that blew me away.

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