Unspoken Promises

by HP Davenport

Let me get this off my chest right from the very beginning, if you haven’t read the first book, Unspoken Words then I really, really suggest that you get that one under your belt before you tackle this little beauty.

The second book is absolutely intertwined with events and facts that can only be found in book one, I made the mistake and had to stop at about 18% of the way into Unspoken Promises to go back and read the first book. I was lost and beginning to doubt whether I would get to the end at one point but once I had book one polished off, and it is no hardship ladies, it is a great read…I found the this fell into place for me and I was thankful that I had given myself the opportunity to ensure I enjoyed the whole story.

Anyway enough waffle and onto the book now, there is something about the way this author creates her men that intrigues me, she gives them just enough to have them fall into all the must have categories, they have just enough alpha, just enough sensitivity, just enough sweet, just enough of absolutely everything and that was more than enough to have my pulse racing…or was that just Lincoln? I was all out swooning with this guy, he was just wow.

So, Lincoln and Morgan have been a couple for longer than a lot of marriages but they have never gotten actually gotten around to marriage itself because on that particular topic they are pulling on opposite ends of the same piece of rope and something is going to have to give. I had my money on Morgan getting her way but was I right?

They have had eight years together and in her head Morgan was absolutely certain that she would eventually get Lincoln down the aisle but Lincoln has other ideas, he doesn’t need a piece of paper to show the world how he feels about her so being married for him isn’t even a topic for discussion, …so let the battle of wills commence!

Morgan was as sharp as a tack, quick witted and a fabulous woman, she was the light to Lincoln’s dark, not that he was dark character in any way, he was actually a fairly quiet guy and I think that is why what they had worked but the one thing that didn’t work was their ability to actually communicate with each other. Like many couple who have been together a number of years, you get to know what the other person is like and in many ways you do stop communicating, after all why sweat the little stuff, the only problem is now they have almost lost their voices and it is the silence that is suffocating them.

They keep how they really feel inside, refusing to engage and in some respects they end up thinking the worst, they have no idea how the other one is feeling because by asking, they are opening themselves up to having to share how they feel and that seems to be just too difficult for them. But they had to find a path, a way to get to where they needed to be and to find their resolution…I had everything crossed?

Well I can’t tell you whether they do or they don’t…don’t sigh ladies, you would hate me if I gave the secrets away but what I can say is they watching them almost torture themselves into submission was at times painful but it was also illuminating.

At times I felt as if I wanted to read it through filtered fingers, you know the way you watch a scary movie – peeking through your fingers held in front of your face, that was what this did to me, I didn’t want them to break, I wanted them to find a way to make what they had work but I really didn’t know if they could and that was painful.

I liked the way the author took an everyday subject, one that we all fall prey to from time to time…not saying what we should and showed not only the pitfalls but the positives that relationships face. They struggled like millions of other struggle but they faced their path much like I would like to think I would do, if I were in their position.

Superbly written and evocative, this is a story of what it takes to be with the one person in the world that you know you cannot live without.

Hopefully we have Christian, Camryn's brother up next because I can’t wait to see what this author has in store for him.

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