Stadium of Lights by Tia Lewis

Abby has been out of Max’s life for years, living on the other side of the Atlantic she has experienced a life that most could only dream of but after a decade she is back in the States and about to take up her new job and that position just happens to be with the team that Max, her childhood bestie is quarterback with.

Max didn’t initially realise who Abby was, I suppose ten years apart through your formative years would do that, they had both changed but she has curves to die for while he certainly isn’t immune to her beauty, but can he overcome the fact that he has always seen her as his best friend?

I liked Abby, she was a confident woman who didn’t need to be on the arm of the star QB in order shine, she was more than able to light up a room on her own but Max wasn’t the only member of the team that had noticed the smoking hot therapist.

Will he be able to keep his team mates in line long enough to get his head around how he feels about Abby?

I loved the conflict that he was dealing with, the fact that this gorgeous man that could have anyone he wanted, suddenly doesn’t know what the heck he wants or more to the point what he is going to do about wanting the one woman he never thought he would feel this way about?
Abby was a great fit with the team and their partners and I found her personality really came through in the story, I liked the fact that she didn’t wait around for Max, she just got on with life , doing what she wanted, when she wanted it and almost waiting to see where Max was going to fit in.

This was a fairly quick read and it was a really solid second chance romance that lived up to the star billing.

Topic: Stadium of Lights by Tia Lewis

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