Frayed Silk

by Ella Fields

4.5 Stars
This is an author and a story that held nothing back, that took absolutely no prisoners and was willing to ride rough shod over the sensitivities of life in order to show just how much these characters had been through and in many respects what they continue to suffer.
The author left her polite dictionary at home with this one, there were no light and fluffy descriptions, after all when it comes to cheating there is nothing nice to say and as a reader that is normally very much put off by a book where there is a cheating element I was feeling more than a little sceptical about this one but I should have had more faith because Ella Fields had this story dancing to a totally different beat…one that I could actually get on board with and didn’t have me looking for the off switch.
I really don’t want to spoil the story for you so you will need to read the book for yourself to get the nitty gritty but please understand that this is a very raw story, one that will not only tug at your heart strings but will strum them like a harp! There are some paragraphs where I could quite literally heart the pain and sorrow ooze from the page.
There is more than enough angst and attitude and enough twists and turns to keep the plot moving at a pace that kept my interest piqued and my appetite whetted.
I liked the fact that this was anything but ordinary, that it was realistic and that it took predictable and threw it out the window. This was as beautiful as it was raw and that is no mean feat.
Highly recommended

Topic: Frayed Silk by Ella Fields

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