Every Breath You Take

by Blair Babylon



Every Breath You Take by Blair Babylon, the first book by this author for me but OMG it is definitely not the last. It was an amazing journey of two people who were so lost that they needed to find each other in order to heal.

The book oozed heart and passion from ever page, it was as if it was travelling through my fingers to touch my very soul – I’m gobsmacked at how I feel about it! It showed more than I thought I was going to get it gave me love and passion in absolute bin loads and moreover it was full of desire, hope, longing, honesty and devotion – not just from the characters but from the author also because her devotion to her craft was clearly evident in this book – she nailed it!!

Being asked to play, off the cuff at her friend’s wedding is almost too much for Georgie but she has a guardian angel in her midst – the beautifully named stranger - Alexandre de Valentinois. His soothing tone and calming words ease her mind and her nerves and she finds that the passion she has fought for so long begins to rise to the surface again. Georgie isn’t looking for a relationship, in fact she isn’t looking for anything but she can’t help herself when it comes to the man that has the ability to sooth her soul.

Alexandre was every bit as exotic and mysterious as you could imagine but he has secrets, things that lurked deep within him and that no matter how hard he tried he may never be able to bury completely, but if they meant that Georgie was in danger, would he be able to protect her or would he have to stay away?

Fate has its reasons for the hands that we are dealt in life and while as individuals both Alexandre and Georgie were amazing, it was the character that they each held within that drew me to them. They were beautiful, creative individuals who were the complete compliment to each other, two halves of the same whole as some would say. It was as if they had no control over the draw that their souls had to each other. They were merely along for the ride.

As much as they tried to fight the feelings so to speak neither of them had a choice. Georgie was that Alexandre was quickly becoming central to everything good in her life and Alexandre was determined that he was to follow his heart and that he would never let her go.

Quantifying their feelings was not possible – they just felt and for that you had to admire the fact that they were prepared to accept their fate and love completely.

After finishing the book, I have to say that Blair Babylon is a rare find, one that’s ability to weave magic with her words leaves you in little doubt that her level of talent is not easily come by.