Fake Fiancee

by Isla Madden-Mills

Opposites attract or so they say and in this case they might just have hit the nail on the head because as innocent as the initial connection between them there was always something more between them lurking beneath the surface.

I got more from Sunny than I thought she was willing to commit, her hesitation seemed a little reactionary from what I could see, it was blatant that she not only knew who Max, but was enthralled by him, or at least the thought of him and now she had him, it was as if she didn’t actually know what she wanted to do with him…pass him over Sunny I know exactly what I’d be doing with him!

Star quarterback, Max is exactly what you expect him to be…right up until the point he isn’t and you get a glimpse of the little boy that he keeps buried inside.

He has the world at his fingertips but as easy as it is to grasp it can all too easily slip away. His last year has been dogged by issues, infighting with a team-mate and a girlfriend that was almost too much of a distraction, so this year his resolve is to make sure that every step, every action, every minute counts and that is completely solidified when Sunny enters the fray because with the spur of the moment agreement to play along with his diversionary tactic of being his girlfriend, having Sunny around is going to make his life so much easier.

Sunny knew Max, they had crossed paths previously but she was reluctant to tell him anything about that for fear of dredging up memories that she would rather remain firmly in her past, but would Max recall their close encounter for himself? And if he did, what would it mean for the two of them?

Faking how they feel is much more difficult than they initially thought it was going to be but that in my opinion wasn’t exactly a bad thing, I think fate was giving them a shove in the right direction.

This was a super, sweet read that did exactly hat the author said it was going to, it was a fabulously sweet love story that brought a smile to my face as I read.

Topic: Fake Fiancee by Isla Madden-Mills

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