Whole Lotta Love

by Amity Cross

Oh My, where to start?

I am stunned at just how I feel about this book, don’t get me wrong I adore Amity Cross and have read so many of her books but for me, this one chewed me up and spat me out more than most.

I adore a vulnerable rocker story and with Sebastian that is just what I got, a guy that had the world at his feet but that was so sick of it all that he just had to get away. I liked the fact that the author didn’t play too much on the life that he had been part of, she was much more elaborate than that, showing me that he wasn’t just this rich, wild rocker…no this was a guy that was so much more than anyone seemed willing to allow him to be or at least to show the world.

I found his personality so easy to engage with that I think I could have read about him for weeks. But of course, he isn’t the only person in the book and it was going to take someone very special to be able to deal with the magnificence that was Sebastian and oh boy did the author know this one out of the park because there could only ever have been one person and that was Juniper.

I am a believer in fate I like to be able to visualise the story as it comes off the page and I could really see this pair together. They were polls apart or so it would appear on the surface but nothing could be further from the truth because beneath their own issues were two souls that were screaming out to be loved, could they do that for each other, even for a little while and if they could would they be able to go their own way in the end?

I loved the descriptions in the book, I also thought that setting the story in Australia was a stroke of genius, I could feel emotion on each page and I revelled in it.

A fabulous book that 5 stars doesn’t even do justice too!!


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