Surviving Broken by Beverly Preston


I am at a loss as to where to begin to describe how I feel about this book.

We have gathered much from the last three books about the Mathews family and what makes them tick, their loves, their lives, the highs and the lows and through it all the writing of Beverly Preston has been exemplary, Surviving Broken takes that to a whole different ball park – because it is simply staggering!.

The emotion and affection that I felt throughout the whole book took me by surprise, it touched something so deep that I was blown away by it.

The book centres on JC, the fun loving party girl, who loves life and has loved some damn hot men along the way.

But life was taken JC in some directions where she has found that the decisions she has made and the people she has chosen to be with have been to her detriment but when she happens upon Reed Rider, swimming naked in the pool- she just might have found Mr Right!  

Reed, has his own past to deal with but he knows how to treat a woman and this handsome Texan sees more in JC that she could ever have imagined. He takes his time with her, showing not only passion but compassion to her. He was a beautiful man, inside and out!

JC is running by the mantra of one bitten twice shy and having raced into her relationship with Luca, who on the surface seemed to have it all, she is playing it safe. Taking it easy with Reed and between them their relationship isn’t forced it naturally evolves, everything between them feels so organic and that this fact was the absolute key to the whole story.

With JC having been through what was a truly awful situation, any normal person would find it difficult to start again and to trust, let alone love – but Beverly Preston wrote this story with such accuracy and emotion that it was so touching, I found big fat tear drops splashing onto the screen of my kindle on more occasions that I could begin to count.

It was great that the other members of the family popped in throughout the book, it was fabulous to know that no matter what JC was going through, she had her family at her back.

Ratings are insignificant when it comes to books that are this good – but I would suggest that you do yourself a favour and read the whole series – you would not be disappointed, but as far as Surviving Broken goes – it is first class!!