Drawn to You

by Vanessa Booke


This is the closure that I can imagine that if you were part of a book couple you would write for yourself.

Tristan and Emily have what they both want and need now but I have to say it has not been an easy journey and they have both learnt so much not only about each other but about themselves as they have journeyed towards their happy ever after.

Tristan has struggled to accept the love that Emily has given him, self-deprecation has had him doubting not only what they have but whether this beautiful woman could possibly want him as much as he wants her.

His personality is one that at times is not easy to understand, I really have an issue with men that are so possessive but I have to say that this man had more positive qualities that balanced out his negatives and in the end I was helpless, he switched on his charm and I was eating out of the palm of his hand.

I was bewitched reading the scenario that unfolded on vacation, the lengths they had to go to, to keep their relationship from others, the patience  they exhibited was astonishing especially Emily, having to endure the attempted seduction of Tristian by her best friend. I would have been unable to control myself – hell would freeze over before I managed to summon up the restraint to not have flipped my lid!

Tristian on the other hand has his jealousy down pat! His control knows no bounds, he wields it exquisitely and I have to say that, and I know others may disagree but I found that aspect of him completely charming!

This pair gave me a story that I could really sink right into, one that I could let devour me, one that gave me a reason to become invested.

Characters that were fantastic to read and that became important, I needed to hear their tale and to see that as with life, if you want something and are prepared to work to get it, you can of course win what your heart desires.